Wildlife Habitat Seed Program

Twice each year beginning February 1st, Wildlife Mississippi makes low-cost seed available to private landowners and public land managers for wildlife plantings. When planted properly, the seed will be utilized by a variety of wildlife. White-tailed deer, wild turkey, northern bobwhite, mourning dove, waterfowl and many species of songbirds will benefit from plantings.

Winter wheat seed will be available through the 2024 Fall Wildlife Habitat Seed Program. Also this Fall, we are offering Sendero Graze, an oat blend mixture seed, that will be beneficial in adding additional value to habitat food plots. There is a limited quantity of the Sendero Graze, so please place your order as soon as possible. All seeds are treated and have excellent germination rates.

The deadline for placing your Fall seed orders is August 9, 2024 or can be sooner due to limited quantities available. Those ordering seed will be required to pick it up at distribution sites in Amory, Stoneville, Purvis, or Flowood. Distribution will be scheduled after all the seeds have been received and shipped to each distribution location.

Order seeds online or download a pdf order form. Those ordering by mail must sign the Affidavit and send payment with the enclosed order form. NO ORDERS WILL BE PLACED WITHOUT SIGNED AFFIDAVIT.

Download planting specifications if you need help with guidelines for planting seeds.


  • ORDERS ARE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. We typically sell out before the due dates
  • Typically, our seed distribution ranges from mid to late April. If you desire to plant earlier than this, this program is not for you.
  • Orders can be placed by mail with a check or money order for the full amount or online by credit card at www.wildlifemiss.org. NO ORDERS OR PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY PHONE.
  • YOU MUST SIGN SEED AFFIDAVIT AND SEND BACK WITH ORDER FORM OR THE ORDER WILL NOT BE PLACED. If placing order online, you must agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before placing order.
  • Persons ordering seed will be required to pick-up the seed at Amory, Stoneville, Purvis, or Flowood. Distribution will be a 4-5 day event at each location. If you cannot pick-up during those set dates and times, you must have someone available to pick-up your order.
  • Failure to pick-up your seed order at the time of distribution will result in loss of payment and seed. Distribution areas WILL NOT hold seed after the assigned pickup dates.
  • YOU MUST GIVE A CELL PHONE NUMBER AND/OR AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR NOTIFICATION OF SEED DISTRIBUTION. Participants will be notified by a text and email regarding the dates of distribution. We will also announce it on our Facebook page Wildlife Mississippi.

Seed pickup dates will be announced as soon as possible on Wildlife Mississippi's Facebook page.

Seed sales contact: Kelli Rexrode(662)-686-3375.

Order Seed Online
Description Quantity Price
(Includes 7% sales tax)
Corn (glyphosate resistant) 50 lb. bag -SOLD OUT   $26.75

Soybean (glyphosate resistant} 50 lb. bag -SOLD OUT   $19.26

Sorghum 50 lb. bag 50 lb. bag -SOLD OUT   $12.84

Winter Wheat 50 lb. bag   $12.84

SENDERO GRAZE (Oat Blend) 50 lb. bag -SOLD OUT   $5.35

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Wildlife Habitat Seed Affidavit

I, the recipient of this wildlife habitat seed provided by Wildlife Mississippi, understand that this seed must be used for food plots and is “NOT FOR SALE.” Also, I understand that the seed received could be slightly below standard germination, if otherwise not stated.

By accepting this seed, I also understand that it does not give any rights to the use of the genetics contained within the seed or grain or any plant parts, pollen, or seed produced therefrom for breeding, research or seed production or for any other purpose whatsoever, other than use in wildlife plantings.

Any misuse of the seed may be subject to the client to legal action under U.S. Seed Patent Laws and/or the Plant Variety Protection Act. As a recipient, I also acknowledge to leave the crop standing for wildlife food.

By my checking below, I agree to the above terms to receive wildlife habitat seed from Wildlife Mississippi.

Check I agree to the terms to process your order.